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How to achieve adoption friendly arts practice

Equip your arts practice to be more inclusive of the adoption community

Seaglass Collective offers an in-depth and bespoke training package which provides the tools
for arts organisations, venues and artists to be more inclusive of adopted children, young people and their families.

The training covers all aspects of the modern-day adoption process, brain development, attachment disorder and the reasons for, and effects of, early life trauma, and how this can
impact a child’s ability to take part in extra-curricular activities.

It shares how Seaglass Collective has applied this knowledge to create a model of best practice, which is used to deliver inclusive, safe and successful projects. The training goes on to explore how this model can be transferred to ‘mainstream’ arts activities.

Participants will be equipped with the skills, confidence and knowledge to support these vulnerable young people, helping them to not only engage in arts activities but to truly benefit from all the arts have to offer.


Participants will gain a solid understanding of:

  • the modern-day adoption process, reasons adoptions take place and how

  • how early life trauma and neglect can be a barrier to arts participation

  • the Seaglass Collective best practice model of delivery and how its applied

  • practical advice and solutions for supporting adopted young people in workshops

  • how arts organisations, venues and artists can apply the Seaglass model in order
     make their work adoption friendly.

The training is open to all arts organisations, venues and artists.


To discuss in more detail please contact Sealgass Collective at

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