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A look at our previous projects

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In partnership with Lawrence Batley Theatre 

Seaglass Collective’s very first project was a 7 week drama workshop course for children aged 8 - 12. The project was fully booked within days and theatre makers Natalie Bellingham and Leanne Rowley led stimulating and supportive sessions which enabled the children to learn and develop theatre skills including characterisation, improvisation, physicality and story telling. 


Included in the project was a backstage tour around the theatre led by one of LBT’s stage technicians, which gave an exciting insight into working at the theatre. 


The course allowed the children the time and space to find their confidence and artistic voice. For many it was the first time they had been able to fully engage with an extra curricular activity as their needs were fully understood and supported. 


It was evident there was a demand for an ongoing drama group and so this first seven weeks led to the creation of the Seaglass Collective Youth Theatre.


Ric Neale

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In partnership with Adopteens and Headingley Heart 

Musicians Ric Neale and Esme Bridie teamed up to deliver a series of songwriting workshops aimed at adopted teens. The sessions explored lyrics, harmony and melody, giving the young people the skills to create their own original songs. The project culminated in the songs being polished and performed by Ric and Esme as part of their gig at Headlingley Heart. 

Seeing the young people watch their work be performed on stage highlighted the pride they felt in their achievement.


Matt Abbott

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Poetry & Creative Writing

In partnership with Theatre Royal Wakefield 


Performance poet Matt Abbott joined the Seaglass team to run a poetry and creative writing project at the Theatre Royal Wakefield. Matt taught the young people how to gather the ingredients needed to create their own poetry and pros. They were then supported to create their own work, crafting and polishing it ready to be performed by Matt as part of his performance at the theatre.

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In partnership with Yorkshire Dance 

10 children aged between 6 and 12 came together at Yorkshire Dance for a six-week dance course. The workshops explored a range of skills including contemporary and street dance. It was a brilliant opportunity for the young people to channel energy into creativity, develop movement, confidence and communication skills. 


The project was great fun and ended with a wonderful display of work to parents. Many of the young people had never had the confidence to perform before and it was wonderful to see their pride in what they had achieved. 


The project was a huge success with young people, parents and partners and we now plan to establish an on-going project at Yorkshire Dance which provides a weekly dance class and opportunities to engage with professional dance in a safe and understanding environment.

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In partnership with The Hepworth Wakefield

Artists Natalie Bellingham and Sally Storr delivered a 5-week workshop where the young people taking part explored a number of different sculptural techniques to create their own works of art. The project included a visit to Yorkshire Sculpture Park and culminated in an exhibition of the work along with its very own exhibition opening event for friends and family.  

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